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What's the difference between a boil-and-bite and a Mouthguard Club Mouthguard?

A mouthguard club mouthguard is based on a digital 3-D scan of your teeth and is much more accurate than a generic mouthguard that is a boiled piece of plastic loosely formed over your teeth.  A Mouthguard Club Mouthguard will fit like a glove.  You will be able to speak with it in and play without fear of your mouthguard falling out.  

Do you Store my Digital 3D Models Forever?

The 3D models are stored for 12 months after each order. 

Are all mouthguards the same?

Good question! There are several types of mouthguards but the most important aspects of a mouthguard are 1. It fits snug in your mouth and doesn't fall out 2. It allows you to speak and breath 3. There are no sore spots that irritate the teeth or gums. Our mouthguards meet and exceed all of those requirements. Over the counter stock mouthguards and boil and bite do not meet these standards.

I have never had a 'Scan' of my teeth before but I still want a custom mouthguard. What do I do?

No problem - a quick, comfortable 3D scan from a Mouthguard Club™ partner is the beginning of your custom mouthguard experience. It's your key to perfect fitting, high performing, and affordable mouthguards that are mailed to your home. Schedule your Scan today - it takes less than 10 minutes - and your new mouthguard will be ready within 14 days.

How often should I really change my mouthguard?

Mouthguards are only performing at their best when they fit well and have no cuts or missing chunks. With regular wear they typically last one sports season.  You should also replace your mouthguard if you get a virus (strep or the flu).  Mouthguards, like your toothbrush, collect bacteria and viruses over time.  The only way to eliminate 100% of them is to throw it away and get a new one.  Also, anytime your teeth change (eg. lose a baby tooth or get a new filling or crown) you should replace your mouthguard.

Does Mouthguard Club Offer a Team Discount?

Yes, we would love to help support your team. A custom mouthguard is a key piece of sports equipment and every player can have the same team colors and logo.  We can even have a different jersey number and/or name on each mouthguard.  Call or email today with your team details so we can match you with a local Partner office.


Is it Bad that My Mouthguard is 4 Years Old?

Yes! You change your toothbrush every 3 months and those are only in your mouth for 4 minutes a day. Mouthguards are working during every game and, over time, they become loose and harbor viruses and bacteria. At Mouthguard Club, we love the fit, feel, and performance of a clean, new mouthguard and so will you. A fresh mouthguard is a key piece of sports equipment.

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