The Mouthguard Club process

Custom Mouthguards in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Get Your 3D Scan
No more boil and bite. All it takes to get perfectly-fitting custom mouthguards is a quick 3D scan taken at one of our partner offices. With 3D scanning technology, your mouthguard fits better, so you can focus on your game face, not what’s protecting your teeth.
Step 2
Design Your Mouthguard
Choose a subscription plan, and start designing your mouthguards. Whether you’re looking for one, two, or three custom-fitting mouthguards, our tool enables you to see your designs before we deliver them.
Step 3
Delivered to Your Door
Get your new mouthguard in seven days. Once you finalize your customizations and select your subscription, your custom-fitting mouthguard gets shipped right to your doorstep.

Custom Mouthguards Offer the Best Protection.

A custom mouthguard is the best way to protect your teeth while playing contact sports

Custom Fit is the Best Fit

Boil and Bite is For Food, Not Mouthguards

Fully Customized

A Mouthguard Club mouthguard has 4 levels of customization.

- 3D Scan for an accurate model of your teeth

- Thickness based on athlete age and sport

- Base color Customization

- Graphic Design including logos, player name, player number, and style