Three Easy Steps

How it Works

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Step 1
Get Your 3D Scan
An easy, comfortable 3D scan of your teeth in less than 10 minutes.
Step 2
Design Your Masterpiece
Use our mouthguard designer to Personalize Your Protection. Chose the colors, logos, text, and graphics that make the mouthguard yours.
Step 3
Get your Mouthguard
We deliver your custom mouthguard in 10 days or less.
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Protect Yourself, Express Yourself!

Mouthguard Club lives where safety and style meet. Protect yourself like the pros by wearing what they wear: a custom mouthguard that fits your teeth like a glove. No more boil and bite.
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Keep it Clean

Playing dirty is not a smart strategy. The same goes for your mouthguard. Bacteria and viruses collect on your mouthguard over time. The most effective way to avoid a dirty mouthguard is to regularly replace them.
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Speak Easy

Imagine being able to speak and breathe more easily during a game. With a custom-fitting mouthguard that’s exactly what you get. Not only will it fit perfectly to your teeth, but you can customize the thickness based on your age and your sport.
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Find Your Nearest Scan Center

Make a 10 minute appointment for an easy 3D scan of your teeth to get started.